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The Voiceless Screaming
Inaudible are the words
That play against my eardrum
Blotched words splattered
Across the sheets
But breathless is my vision
Unspoken by the blind
Unseen by the deaf
But who am I           - who /am/ I?-
To spill paradise’s secrets
To those that can’t see
It’s melody
To those that can’t hear
It’s image
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 0 0
The full moon beckons my thoughts
A muse
To my most potent nightmares
Highway miles ticking
With headlights painted on the pavement
The full moon, it beckons
A scar
Illuminated across my heart
Burning the midnight oil
With no reason to dream
The full moon beckons my dreams
A witness
To the darkness
Sleepless nights
The full moon
It beckons me
Calls to me
As my mind goes blank
My limbs fall limp
My blood runs cold
My eyes lose their shine
As I evanesce from existence
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 3 0
Falling Victim
No lungs to breathe
No heart to beat
No eyes to see
No brain to think
No voice to scream
Falling victim
Falling inside myself again
The pointless anger
The endless strain
With a need
To find within myself
What's wrong?
Before I shatter
All I love
No lungs to breathe
No heart to beat
No eyes to see
No brain to think
No voice to scream
Falling victim
Don't mess this up...
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 1 0
It hangs
In the midnight sky
It hangs
In the balance
Like the my very being
My life,
All that I cherish
And bloodied
By my insecurities
For which I’ve been given too many chances
And it’s times like these that you have to pick yourself up, learn to be strong, for there’s someone else who needs you, who needs you to be there and not be held down by your own problems and your own insecurities.  Because if you don’t, if you can’t then you’ll lose her.  You’ll lose the very thing that makes your life matter, that makes you smile, that makes you happy and feel wonderful.  You’ll lose the one thing that you love more than anything unless you learn to turn yourself around.
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 1 1
Would it Matter
Would it matter
If I bled for you
A river of sanguine
Into a pool of tears
That I shed for you
My veins
With yet another blade
Of sacrifice.
Would you care
If I bit the bullet for you
The light
Leaving my eyes
As my skin goes cold
And the heart
You hold
Stops beating.
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 1 0
Time of Dying
I thought about dying today,
Laying on my bed and
Staring up at that incandescent light bulb
On the ceiling.
I wondered,
What it'd be like to see your life flash
Right before your eyes
How much time do you have
To review your life?
Is it the same amount of time
Foe everyone?
And if it is,
Does the speed change
Depending on your lifespan?
Would I, dying at 20
See my life pass by slower
Than a man dying at 80?
Are you cognizant of the process?
Do you really recognize every passing
Moment of your history?
But then I thought,
Once you die time is irrelevant,
So what does it matter:
The amount of time
The speed of time
And your consciousness?
You're dead afterall.
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 1 1
Where I'm From
From racking my brains,
Like the plastic balls that scatter
And sink on the blue felt table.
Cue sticks, and chalk
Finger cramps and late nights listening to the jukebox
While playing shape
From Cristal Beauclaire
Love had, lost, and found again
Three thousand miles of telephone wire
A red headed lioness I'd wake up to
On the other side of my computer screen.
A single weekend in a foreign country
With a city park and lover's embrace
From crunching numbers,
Balance sheets and T-accounts
Debit and credit, loss and gain
Where DEAD equals
Debit expenses, assets, and dividends.
Where you take what you have,
Add some more,
Subtract what's left and the rest is gone
From being covered in blood, sweat, and beer
Colliding bodies and ear splitting screams
Guitar rifts and mosh pits,
With fists held high and fans held higher
From the ratta-tat-tat of snares
And echoing booms of bass drum dares
Friday nights screaming at the football team
Saturday afternoons playing in the desert heat
And metronome
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 5 0
Be Mine
I have this one thought,
This one image
That I can't seem to shake,
Playing over and over
But in a different way every time.
It makes me weak in the knees,
Knowing that someday,
I'll look at you and drop to one knee.
It makes me shiver,
To think of how my hands will shake,
As I grab that little square box.
It makes me speechless,
Thinking of how I'll search for the words,
To ask you to be mine.
It makes me anxious,
To know that time will freeze,
As I wait to hear your answer.
But most of all,
It makes me scared,
Not knowing
If what I'll do
If what I'll say
Will be good enough
To hear you say
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 0 0
A Part of Me
You probably have no idea
The thousands upon thousands
Of thoughts that filter through my mind each day
You may know that I think about you
But do you know that more than half of my thoughts
Are only about you?
Do you know that I think about you
Every second of every minute,
Every minute of every hour,
Every hour of every day?
I love you.
As I say, think, feel, those words
I know they are so deep,
I feel them in my heart,
In my soul,
In my bones,
In every fiber of my being.
I sit here learning about identity,
About how we identify ourselves,
Who we are
As I think about this and my thoughts of you
Cross with thoughts of who I am
I realize,
I know that you are a part of my identity,
You are a part of who I am,
A part of me,
And I am who am in part because of you.
You're so special to me, so amazing
So I want you to know I love you
And always will.
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 0 0
Dreaming of Sleep
I awoke this morning
Only to fall back asleep
I dreamt of sleeping
Waking again into
Another dream where I slept
But outside my window
Birds chirped with a rising sun
Which fell again into the horizon
As I awoke into yet another slumber
Broken mirrors
Chaotic tremor
Stolen luck
And a fairy tale
I slept last night
Only to wake up
Wishing I was still asleep
But found myself dreaming
Of waking
When I slept I didn't dream
When I dreamt I didn't sleep
When I awoke I only dreamt
I only dreamt of waking up
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 2 0
Black and White
Do you know how long it's been since a virtuous heart presented itself
And fell victim to deadly vices
Not long enough - it happens everyday –
Why is there no space between lies and truth as if nothing
          Can exist
Between them.  And people ask ambiguous questions
White lies
That's what we call them
When we say we're still virtuous while telling a lie
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 0 0
Broken Envoy
Laying half awake beneath a blanket of cold, nothing but the dark
And a voice calls out, "You're marked for death"
Rather than a jolt or fright, the grim words slide through the abyss
Just how bad could it be, Death's Kiss?
To draw a breath
Falling to the mark
A glowing afternoon, horizons beneath the Sun's mark
Reveal the gruesome secrets lying in the dark
Ready to snatch one's final breath
Subscribing to the bidding of a broken Death
Sucking life with a gentle kiss
To drag the souls into the abyss
Morning, and the light slowly escapes the ensnaring abyss
A night too fuzzy to remember because the alcohol has left its mark
Step into the mirror, a hickey or two, one too many kisses
From girls I'll never see again wearing dark
Nightgowns and lace, Death's
Bride in waiting, exhaling a smoke-filled breath
Timeless is a moment, don't let it slip away. Hold your breath.
Jump! They cried, plunging deep into the salty abyss
Currents and riptides taunting a deathly
Slumber in the frigid cold, b
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 2 0
Deadened, Dead End
Drink me
Let slide metallic
Slime, slippery
Vaseline soaked
Like catching smoke
With fish nets
Icy sloped and
Deep steps
On the thin line
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 1 0
The Afterlife
Sanguine sleuths
Through deep integral parts
A flash of red
Splashed across a razor smile
Blood my darling,
It is the nectar of the dead
Giving life to dusty veins
And ashen skin
Blood is life for the afterlife
Sanguine sleuths
Through deep integral parts
A flash of red
Splashed across a razor smile
Vermillion bristles
Slashing across a pearl canvas
Giving life to fleeting landscapes
And roaring oceans
Acrylic bleeds life for the artist
Sanguine sleuths
Through deep integral parts
A flash of red
Splashed across a razor smile
Broken steel
Slicing silky skin
Etching scores, red wine tallies
And carmine smiles
Incisions breathe life into the desolate
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 0 0
Broken bonds in gold plated links
Linked.  High connectivity - with technologies in the market chain
Chained down by money
Money buys everything these days
Days when love is manufactured and sold
Sold out by the corporations of modern America
Americans, fat, dumb, and happy
Happy to be ignorant
Ignorant and proud of it
And it's a shame how Americans are controlled
Controlled by the mass media
Media owned by corporations
Corporations that dictate the lives of the American people
People with nothing left but hopes and dreams – left unbroken
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 1 0
Wasted Spaces
It's hard not to reminisce
Getting caught in a reverie
Remembering a child sitting
In a plastic white room
Well lit
Facing the only window
The darkened void
A blanket dotted with white balls of light.
Centered on the floor
Rests a black disc
Spewing out blue-gray
Silhouetting the looming figure
Of Mr. Smith
The history teacher.
It's hard not to think
About all those stories
And lessons
About a what life was like,
Before the sun exploded
Before the ozone collapsed
Before the seas dried up
Before the mountains erupted
Before the ground split open
Swallowing cities whole
A time when people lived on a planet
Not a shiny, synthetic, plastic hub
Floating aimlessly in wasted space
A time when there was real gravity
And oxygen was made by plants
We all remember the stories,
Of a white powder that fell from the sky
Of salty waters filled with fish…
-Wait, what is a fish anyways?-
…of ominous caverns and towering mountains
An actual sky, blue with fluffy white
:iconlil-drummer-boy:Lil-Drummer-Boy 0 0

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